Yes! Our goal is not only to crunch the numbers on your home, but to provide actionable next steps. Using the “PLAN A PROJECT” feature, homeowners can build a custom project with the upgrades that make the most sense for their budget, household needs, and environmental goals.

To start your project, click the “PLAN A PROJECT” button in the navigation bar.

Your project view contains the following tabs to help you make the most out of your recommendations:

  • Summary: provides information on the upgrades you’ve selected, including their estimated cost and savings, and the overall estimated cost and savings of the project. Select upgrades from the pane at the left to add or remove them from your plan.
  • Rebates: explore relevant incentives from your utility on certain upgrades in your plan.
  • Financing: examine available loan programs, estimate your loan payments, and see if your monthly savings can exceed your loan payments (in which case your upgrades are making you money!).
  • Find a Contractor: submit your project plan to our concierge service, which will help you identify the best contractor to get your project built.

Note that in order to submit an energy efficiency project and find a contractor, you must complete your green badge.